Mehro Returns With New Single ‘Parasite’

Mehro released a new track titled “Parasite” on April 22.

The artist makes his comeback after the previous releases of “Howling” and “Green Felt” in conjunction with his project Alchemy and the series Dark Corners, then the release of “Like you’re god” on which he had shown carnal and vulnerable.

“Parasite” is the story of how something so grotesque can seem so beautiful; a toxic relationship that thrives on the hope of an unsuspecting heart. In it, the artist wanted to create a sound world that embodies the illusion of this deceptive beauty, and tell this story without compromise. “For me, it’s alchemy,” he says.

The son is a lush track, with a layering of strings and atmospheres over an acoustic guitar. Reflecting on his personal “parasite,” Mehro confronts those dark places he normally keeps hidden behind “silly faces.” The line “victim throphies glistening fake gold/and you won’t let go” perfectly speaks to this self-awareness.

It is comforting to recognize that external mistakes are rooted in trauma. But if there is recognition, it means it’s time to take the next step: doing the work necessary to heal and move forward. Mehro once again finds beauty in this confusing thing we call life through the evocative “parasite.”

Mehro is followed by listeners around the world. Cut from the same cloth as prodigious talents like Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright, he conveys a noble maturity in music. From his intuitively poignant lyrics to his deftly sensitive sound, mehro’s evocative imagery draws you in and accompanies you on his metaphysical meanderings.

Many magazines such as Flaunt, Ones To Watch, C-Heads, Variance Magazine and many others have featured mehro as one of the “most exciting new artists to come along.” He was recently featured on the My Favourite Elliot Smith Song podcast. And since October, mehro has partnered with for the 11:11 series.

Listen to “Parasite” below:


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