Memphis R&B Singer Aerion Jackson Returns With New Single ‘Empty Spaces’

Memphis R&B singer Aerion Jackson has released a moving and groovy new single titled “Empty Spaces”.

“Empty Spaces” was written to help her deal with a failed relationship and convey her thoughts. Everyone has experienced falling in love, attempting to maintain a relationship, and then seeking for and hoping that the love that was lost will come back.

Everyone can identify to having a lot reasons to end a poor relationship but being perplexed as to why they choose to stay. We’ve all heard a song about this topic, but Aerion Jackson adds a positive R&B twist that will have listeners moving instead of sobbing.

In order to help her words come to life, Aerion Jackson linked up with producer Brian Nathan. As with any R&B song, heavy background vocals complete it, thus Brian Nathan assisted with vocal production in addition to music production.

Aerion Jackson is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. She made the decision to advance her profession while residing in Nashville after graduating from MTSU with a degree in music (Music City).

By studying musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Jill Scott, Ledisi, and Corrine Bailey Rae, to mention a few, at an early age, she came to adore music.

Her training, which included exposure to R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Classical Music, Opera, Funk, and other genres, is the source of her silky and seductive vocals.

Aerion Jackson views herself as a soul singer first and foremost and foremost because as long as you sing from the soul, it doesn’t matter the genre or style.

The capacity to establish connections between listeners from all generations and ethnic backgrounds is what motivates her as an artist. Join Aerion Jackson on this adventure as she continues to share her talent while speaking about issues that are important to the human heart and soul.

Listen to “Empty Spaces” below:


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