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Swedish artist newcomer Menke has recently shared her debut single “Moln”, and is now out with the visual for it, which was unveiled through Size/Cosmos Music.


Menke has many talents such as playing piano, guitar, banjo, cello, vibraphone, and more unconventional instruments like lyre and wine glasses. The producer, song-writer and multi instrumentalist is an amazing vocalist who forms her own soulful world by small actions. “Moln” is the artists toned version of Swedish poet Karin Boyes traditional poem, which is titled the same.


Menke says about Boyes poem: “I more or less stumbled over Karin Boye’s poetry by accident to be honest. I was just home one day, and out of boredom I picked a book randomly from the bookshelf. That book was a collection of poems by Karin Boyes. I opened it up and read the first one, a poem called ‘Moln’”.


It struck me like lightning. The words had such a thorough impact on me and as I read along I kept hearing this music in my head. Music that grew and came alive as I read the poem for the first time.


The single is filled with soft electric guitar intertwining alongside swirling strings, drums, glass and vibraphone through a bow as Menke’s divine vocal that covers the melody. The visual suits Menke’s idea of creating an immersive, mystery surrounding while she is standing in the middle of the forest.


Steve Angello was the person who found the artist and signed her to Size. He says about her and the music that: “Menke’s music represents all things Scandinavian; the beauty, the nature and the melancholy. The first time I heard her music I was almost paralyzed, moved by the obvious apprehension of the world were now living in“.


It’s very difficult nowadays to discover something truly unique, something with its own given place in the universe. But Menke has all that. Her creativity reaches in and touches the deepest parts of my soul. Artists such as Menke need to be made the most of“.


Check out Menke’s new music video for her single “Moln” below




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