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James Hetfield


Earlier this year, Justin Bieber was slammed for wearing a Metallica t-shirt. Ultimately, it seemed like a clash of the genres: how could someone like Bieber possibly like a heavy metal band, and how could Metallica fans be associated with him? He was called a fake (amongst other things) and someone even said that he shouldn’t be allowed to wear it.


Conversely, Metallica front-man James Hetfield has added “Justin Bieber Wearing A Metallica Shirt!” to a “Top Thingz Of 2015” list. According to Blabbermouth, an old interview with Q quoted Hetfield calling himself a Belieber along with other Metallica members showing their appreciation.


At the American Music Awards in November, people were angry that Bieber wore a Nirvana t-shirt which encouraged Courtney Love to show her support for the young popstar’s decision. It’s impossible to tell what music someone likes unless they say so, and it makes more sense to believe them than to treat it as suspect.


Top Thingz Of 2015 James Hetfield



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