Miami Artist Simón Drops New Single ‘For The Best’

A musical fusion reflecting his multicultural upbringing, Miami-bred artist of Colombian descent Simón has released his latest single, “For The Best“.

Conceived a year ago when he was only 16, Simón used a classical nylon-string guitar to create the melody for this track, which seamlessly merges Latin and Anglo influences.

Further shaped by the skillful production of Jona Camacho and Alfonso Ordonez at Miami’s Red Dot Studios, the song radiates with Trap and R&B stylings.

Born and bred in Miami’s multicultural heart, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter, also known as Simon Villamizar, is a scion of a prominent musical family of Colombian descent.

Among his kin are his multi-Grammy winning uncle, Jorge Villamizar of the band Bacilos, and his mother, LinaLuna, a Latin Grammy laureate.

Raised amid a rich tapestry of English- and Spanish-language music in Miami, Simón’s dual heritage clearly resonates in his compositions.

His journey into songwriting began at the tender age of 15 during a summer spent traveling with his trusty ukulele. The discovery of his innate talent for songcraft was as surprising to Simón himself as it was to his accomplished musical family.

Simón has since honed his skills both through formal musical education and private tuition under some of Miami’s eminent musicians. His ability to intuitively “know” notes without reference – a trait known as perfect pitch – has proven to be a valuable asset.

Simón’s discography presents a unique challenge to categorization, drawing from a diverse palette of influences. Nonetheless, each piece of music he creates is unquestionably relevant and contemporary. His songs often vary in tone, ranging from the upbeat and carefree to darker pieces rich with trap influences.

With a constant drive for innovation and freshness, Simón is passionate about ensuring his music remains exciting and current. When not channelling his creativity into song, Simón balances his teenage years enjoying time with friends, and honing his skills on a variety of instruments, including the piano, guitar, ukulele, and drums.

Dive into the fresh vibes of “For The Best” by Simón below:


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