Miami-Based Artist Samy Hawk Unveils ‘For The Street’ Featuring Apache

Miami-based artist and Venezuelan native, Samy Hawk, has unveiled his latest bilingual track, “For The Street,” a captivating collaboration with Apache, released on May 10, 2023.

The song is steeped in the gritty reality of street life and is inspired by a colloquial phrase Hawk learned on the streets of Miami. The term refers to a person who, despite their allure, is ultimately not worth pursuing in a romantic relationship.

The rap number begins with a poignant voice note from a woman addressed to Samy. She expresses her frustration over his indecision, urging him to clarify his feelings about her and their potential relationship.

Since winning the MTV program Becoming A Popstar, alongside superstars such as Joe Jonas, Becky G, and Sean Bankhead, Samy Hawk has garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally. His distinctive sound blends elements of rap and hip-hop with touches of EDM and funk, revealing his creative versatility.

Hawk is currently preparing his solo album slated for release later this year. Meanwhile, he continues to captivate audiences at various music festivals with his engaging lyrics, polished choreography, and undeniable stage presence. This showcase of talent underscores Hawk’s passion and readiness to make a considerable impact in the music industry.

Experience the vibrant sounds of “For The Street” by Samy Hawk and Apache in the link below.


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