Michael Pena Is Gripping As Activist ‘Cesar Chavez’ In New Teaser Clip | Film News

Michael Pena stars as Cesar Chavez in new biopic film


Michael Pena stars as human rights activist Cesar Chavez in the newly released film clip for the upcoming biopic. The film is the biographical story of Mexican American Cesar Chavez who fought for better treatment of agricultural workers in California.


The majority of the workers consisted of temporary workers from Mexico, granted permission to live and work in the US. The workers are subjected to racism, poor working conditions and physical violence, with Chavez creating the union ‘United Farm Workers to combat their treatment.


Rosario Dawson and America Ferrara star in this biographical tale of Cesar Chavez alongside Pena. Dawson plays activist Dolores Huerta and Ferrara is Chavez’s wife, Helen. The film will be released in the UK on March 24, 2014.




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