Michael Shannon’s Sport Drama ‘Wolves’ Has A Trailer | Film Trailer


Actor, Michael Shannon, has been quite busy the past year, having starred in Jeff NicholsMidnight Special and Loving, Werner Herzog’s Salt And Fire, Liza Johnson‘s Elvis And Nixon and Tom Ford‘s Nocturnal Animals for which he just scored his second Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.


Regularly adding an intense twist to his character, Shannon always manages to deliver memorable performance and the newest basketball drama by Bart Freundlich, Wolves, should be no exception.


In the intriguing newly released trailer, we follows Anthony (Taylor John Smith), a high school basketball star whose future may fall in jeopardy due to his father’s gambling addiction (Shannon). The film also stares Carla Gugino, Zazie Beetz, Chris Bauer, Jake Choi and Jessica Rothe.
Wolves, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival last year, will be released on Friday, March 3 in the USA. A UK release date has not been confirmed yet.




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