Michelle MacLaren To Direct Superhero Film ‘Wonder Woman’ | Film News


Firstly it’s important to point out the unprogressive obvious statement, that ‘yes she’s female’, thank you The Telegraph for giving talent credit where it’s due in your headlines. Gal Gadot is to take on the lead role as Wonder Woman, in the upcoming film which will be coming out in 2017. It looks like the comic superheroes of Marvel are all taking off in smooth cinematic style and that there is no stopping them, so we can only expect more in the next few years.


This movie will be Maclaren’s debut large scale superhero production. Now there is no such thing as a utopian idea of female representation, but it’s transparent enough for the general public to distinguish the possibility of her gender without it being mind-blocked by poor headlines in a reactionary way. Based on the success and delightful directing skill shown for Breaking Bad, seriously one of the most ground breaking pieces of TV Drama this century, Wonder Woman should be quite amazing.



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