Mila J (Japollonia) – Smoke, Drink, Break Up | New Music


Talent definitely runs in the Aiko family! In case you didn’t know, Jhene Aiko isn’t the only musically talented singer in her family! Her 30-year old sister has been grinding for years, she initially started her music career in a series of girl groups, but soon ventured off as a solo artist. Making her own way on the the R&B scene, you may have known her as ‘Mila J’ but now goes by a more edgier name of ‘Japollonia’.


The beautiful Japollonia recently dropped her new single titled “Smoke, Drink, Break Up” and it is definitely a R&B track that should NOT be overlooked! This smooth track is about a girl wanting to leave her guy because the only time they can deal with each other is when they are either high or drunk. I genuinely can’t wait for more tracks to come from Japollonia and with her sister Jhene pretty much blowing up the music scene, it is nice that Japollonia can speak volumes with her track without the affiliation of her sister. Take a listen below


Either we smoke or drink or we break up…




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