Miley Cyrus Performs Three New Songs At BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend | Music News


US pop singer, Miley Cyrus, took to the stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2019 to perform some of her hit songs, but she also debuts three brand new songs, named “Cattitude”, “Dream” and “Mother’s Daughter” at the festival, while also teasing a new release on May 30. The singer also revealed that her new album is on the way, and will carry a Bangerz era sound.


Her “Cattitude” track reminds us of the Bangerz era, with the “Wrecking Ball” singer rapping “Turn up your gratitude / Turn down your attitude / I love my – I mean I got cattitude”, and she also spits “I love Nicki but I listen to Cardi”, which caused headlines in the news and revealed an old beef with Nicki Minaj during the 2016 VMA Awards.


In the song “Dream”, the singer tries to reprise the classic “C.R.E.A.M” track from legend rap crew Wu-Tang Clan, with a mix moody rock ballad, while the dark pop anthem “Mother’s Daughter” sees her singing “Hallelujah, I’m a witch / I’m a witch, Hallelujah / Swish Swish, I’m a three-point shooter. Hallelujah, I’m a freak / I’m a freak, Hallelujah / Every day of the week I’ma do ya”.


She has also shared a sneak peek of the studio version of “Mother’s Daughter” online, she shared the snippet on Twitter with the caption “She Is Coming” and May 30 release date. If we could have the music video this Friday too, it will be great!




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