Minneapolis Musician Daniel Lindahl Releases New Track ‘Chasing’

Minneapolis Worship musician and songwriter Daniel Lindahl has released a new track “Chasing”. The track is about our struggle with self-justification and self-worth, and dealing with the tension in life and faith.

The new track is a festive for those who enjoy a colourful instrumentation which can drive until the end of the track. In this new piece you will find some engaging drum action and excellent piano play near the outro.

“Chasing” opens with lively guitar, it proceeds with high-paced drum and it fully releases itself in the chorus in harmony.

Daniel Lindahl understands the value of making faith in Christ your own because he was raised in a loving and devout Christian family. He first noticed his weakness in the contrast between his life at church and his life outside of it.

He came to have complete faith in Jesus as a result of the inconsistent feeling that tore at his heart. “It took me realizing I couldn’t succeed at living a church life and a worldly life,” Lindahl says.

Although there are many different topics related to living the Christian life that are covered in Lindahl’s music, genuine worship is always the main objective.

“This difficult season of my life has taught me to strip away the minutia and truly seek God for who he is”, adds the artist.

Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to Daniel Lindahl. He has so far finished three full length albums and is eager to continue developing both as a musician and in his walk with Christ. His goal is to create music that reflects purely sincere worship.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Chasing” by Daniel Lindahl below!


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