Mo’ Love Releases ‘The Same’ From New ‘Winter Nights’ EP

Known for his smooth and sad cadence voice, Mo’ Love has come back with a new theme and some refreshing new music. His new EP titled Winter Nights is filled with unique tracks, and his intentional lyrics and a variety of moods are proof of this fact.

Jess Og, Nathan Feler, and Mark Neidhardt have assisted him in the production of this 5-track EP for almost a year. They have tried to come up with catchy hooks alongside smooth musicaliity, which is the balance we expect from this New York artist.

Mo’ started his journey in 2018, when he was a university student at Albany. Tracks such as “Black Rose” and “Keisha” led to his first EP In Due Time.

Although his official introduction to the music industry was with In Due Time, in the summer of 2019,his track “Bad For You” seemed to catch the attention of fans and critics alike, which introduced audiences to his soul-like sound.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “The Same”, Mo’ Love says, “As soon as I heard the beat it brought back this memory of a person that would repeatedly bring out the same negative themes to me and that’s what I’m expressing in the song.

I remember feeling agitated because I work so hard to keep the peace that I’ve built for myself, the environments I like to be in and the people I choose to keep around me. It’s very important to me to protect my energy“.

Listen to “The Same” below:


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