Montreal Artist Flower Face Shares New Song ‘Evan’s Song‘

Flower Face presents her new song “Evan’s Song“, which was released earlier this week on February 14.

It’s a beautiful song full of meaning but also so soft and pleasant to listen to. This song is a real moment of escape and relaxation, and we are enchanted by Flower Face’s melodious voice.

Ruby McKinnon, also known as Flower Face, is a multi-hyphenate artist from Montreal. She is well-known for her personal lyrics that tend to be on the darker side of indie folk music, and has dedicated this most recent song to her partner Evan.

She combines her eerie imagery and eerie vocals with sweet love thoughts and heartbreakingly lovely connection to make her depressing folk music with a bedroom pop heart.

Flower Face’s musical testimonies recall the jagged emotion of Bright Eyes while conjuring the ethereal ecstasy of a fresh wound. She draws inspiration from her own dizzying life experiences as well as such diverse sources as Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, Jesus Christ Superstar, the body of work of Mads Mikkelsen, and her dog Ziggy.

With five years of formal piano instruction under her belt, McKinnon started composing her own music at the age of 14. Her music-loving parents encouraged her to start Flower Face, which she did in typical do-it-yourself fashion by primarily recording on her father’s GarageBand smartphone programme.

It didn’t take long for her music to join the likes of The National, Daughter, Big Thief, and Mazzy Star on bedroom playlists since it is rife with acoustic grief hymns.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Evan’s Song”, Flower Face says, “For a long time, my boyfriend has been asking why I hadn’t written a song about him yet. I kept reassuring him that it was actually a good thing I hadn’t, because my songs tend to leadn towards heartbreak and devastation than true love and happiness. And what I feel for him is true love and happiness and more adoration than I could really put into words.

But then the words came to me, all at once. Last May, I wrote this song. I didn’t tell him about it. It didn’t feel like something I could just sit down and play for him in our apartment. That month, I went on a short tour opening for SYML.

In Montreal, we played a sold out show at the Corona Theatre. Montreal is where Evan grew up, and where I met him. All his friends and family were there in the crowd. There was no better (or more terrifying) place to debut the song.

Up on that stage, almost teary-eyed with nerves, I played Evan’s Song for the first time. He cried, his mom cried, I cried, and I think most of the audience cried too. After that, he asked if I would record it for him. I was like, dammit Evan, is a beautiful tribute performance at a sold out theatre not enough for you?!

Anyway, I told him I wouldn’t, but then I did. For his birthday. I pressed it onto a 7-inch vinyl, which he now plays all the time. I’m a little tired of hearing it in our living room, so I decided to release it on streaming services so that he (and anybody else in love) can listen to it through a nice set of headphones anytime, anywhere.

In all seriousness, this song is very close to my heart, and I hope it brings some feelings of warmth and love to everyone who listens to it today. Happy Valentine’s Day. <3 xoxo”.

Listen and enjoy the new release ‘Evan’s Song‘ by Flower Face below !


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