Montreal Independent Artist The Moon & I Unveils New Single ‘Keep With Me’

The new single “Keep With Me” by Montreal-based independent artist The Moon & I was released on May 5 during the full moon.

The alternative pop song, possess an angelic melody furnished by an ever-evolving piano motif which will melt your heart, as it is beautiful supplication for the loved one to stay no matter the difficulties and flaws, repeating those words “Keep with me / I’ll never leave”.

The author’s request appears in an age of modern technology which has changed our perception, how we behave and consume love. In a world where people don’t take the time anymore to resolve relationship’s problem as it is easier to start a new with someone else. Thus the lack of commitment and expectations makes it harder for the relation to last long.

Based in Montreal, the independent artist, The Moon & I is the moniker of the multi-talented Vietnamese-Canadian Eric N. that boasts several features as singer-songwriter and producer. His lyrics often introspective make you wonder a search for the meaning of life and the feelings that inhabit us like love.

He first encountered success at the age of 8 when he got the first place in the Canadian music competition in piano and later on started producing, writing and performing his arts. In 2020, He released his first single which as gathered a lot of attention and elevated him as the most exciting new artists 2020 by most blogs on HypeMachine, and best Montreal songs 2020 by CultMLT magazine.

Don’t miss out The Moon & I other singles expected to be released on full moon dates, followed but an album in the fall.

Listen to “Keep With Me” by The Moon & I down below!


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