Montreal Songstress Erockfor Releases New Single ‘I Don’t Want You Back’

Montreal songstress Erockfor – pronounced eh-ROCK-for – has just released her second single for her upcoming debut album, Phoenix set to be released in October 2021, entitled “I Don’t Want You Back.”

The single is the follow-up of her debut single released last month “I Thought You Loved Me.” In this song, the Canadian Cameroonian native is revisiting the heart-wrenching moment of betrayal she had to go through seven years ago.

“I Don’t Want You Back” is opposed to this first release and we can hear Erockfor reclaiming her dignity. The song is also representing her commitment to moving forward after this toxic and traumatic relationship. It was produced by LA-based electronic music producer Blaire Michael.

Erockfor also opened up about her inspiration for “I Don’t Want You Back”: “I find that ‘exes always come back’ is a common refrain, but more often than not, we shouldn’t take them back.

This song is the next step in my evolution, so to speak. I realized I deserved better and wanted to look ahead without taking steps back. I sing, ‘once I’m gone, I’m past tense’ as my commitment to moving forward. I’m hoping that it becomes a summer anthem.

Seven years ago, Erockfor came back home and found another woman in bed with her husband, shortly after that she went to Seoul in Korea to escape the already abusive and now adulterous marriage. She decided to share her story only last year, in the middle of the pandemic, in a Medium post that became viral.

Her debut album Phoenix will talk about this experience of heartbreak and betrayal but will also be about the other side: the healing and rebirth that came in the following years.

Erockfor had a genre-bending fusion of sonic beds from jazz and pop to soul to afrobeats and house music. She also has a very distinctive voice that was compared to Cyndi Lauper and Amy Winehouse. However, her talents don’t stop around music as she also is a burlesque performer, actress and published poet.

According to the songstress, you should: “Play this when your ex calls you wanting to get back together. Some things should remain in the past“. So listen to Erockfor new single “I Don’t Want You Back” here:


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