Morgan Freeman To Star In ‘Ted 2’ | Film News


You heard me right, Hollywood movie legend Morgan Freeman is set to star in the stuffed animal sequel Ted 2. After the success of Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 movie Ted (which became the 12th highest grossing film worldwide that year), it’s obvious that audiences have been climbing the walls for more, and the lovably ill mouthed bear is set to make a return to our screens July 2015.


Freeman will play the role of a civil rights lawyer sent to help the crude toy when ‘Ted’ finds himself stuck in some pretty sticky legal issues. Mark Wahlberg is also said to be making a return as Ted’s best buddy John Bennett along with co-stars Jessica Barth and Amanada Seyfried who will replace Mila Kunis as the female lead character Lori Collins. If you love a good american comedy movie with the added classic earthy humour of >Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, then this is most certainly a film for you. Keep your eyes peeled for more Ted 2 news nearer the time.



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