Moroccan Singer-Songwriter And Producer Just Leila Returns With ‘Bits Of Pieces’

Moroccan singer-songwriter and producer, Just Leila, has marked a significant milestone in her musical journey with the release of her new single “Bits Of Pieces” on May 11. A testament to her diverse talents, this song is the first track she has produced herself, weaving together Moroccan rhythm and jazz within a modern electronic production.

In “Bits Of Pieces,” Just Leila invites listeners on an immersive journey that celebrates the splendor of individuality within the greater mosaic of life. The song serves as a compelling preview of her upcoming EP, which is slated for release in the near future. The forthcoming EP is expected to offer listeners a deep dive into personal narratives, aspirations for self-realization, and a poignant return to her roots and motherland.

Just Leila’s approach to music is deeply introspective, treating it as a form of therapy that allows her to create the world she once wished for. Her songs breathe life into her imagination, creating a musical landscape that vibrates with freedom and empowerment.

She shares, “Music is like a gateway to my desired reality. Every note, every beat, allows me to create a world that reflects my deepest longings. It’s a truly transformative experience. Anything I could imagine or want, I can bring into sound and into life. It is one of the most liberating things ever.”

Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Just Leila was exposed to a broad spectrum of musical influences from a young age. From jazz and French pop to Arabic melodies and R&B rhythms, these diverse styles shaped her distinct musical identity. At the tender age of fifteen, she ventured into the world of opera, becoming part of a troupe performing classical pieces across Casablanca.

Leaving her homeland at eighteen, Just Leila journeyed to Boston for higher education. Embracing her love for jazz, she joined a group of fellow jazz vocalists and had the opportunity to perform the national anthem at a Celtics/Knicks game. Concurrently, she pursued a degree in Advertising, laying the groundwork for a career in Art Direction.

After spending years working creatively in the corporate world, Just Leila experienced a life-altering turning point. She sold all her possessions and embarked on a journey of travel and music, betting on herself and embracing her true sources of joy. She shed the conservative views of her upbringing, particularly those related to women in the music industry, and found a new sense of freedom and authenticity.

Since rekindling her love for music, Just Leila has devoted herself to refining her craft. Releasing singles intermittently, she steadily worked towards producing her own music, culminating in her first self-produced song, “Bits of Pieces”. Her music, rooted in her personal experiences, explores themes of freedom, truth-seeking, and the importance of maintaining a playful spirit in life.

Just Leila continues to explore the world, accompanied by a suitcase filled with musical equipment. She finds inspiration in the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica and Mexico and the pulsating energy of New York City, which fuel her artistic process and musical expression.

As she continues to evolve as an artist, Just Leila’s music promises to be a beacon of liberation, authenticity, and joy.

Listen to “Bits Of Pieces” here!


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