MoStack Returns With Refreshing New Summer Single ‘Sleep On Me’

North London rapper MoStack has made a notable return to the UK rap scene with his latest single, “Sleep On Me”. Known for his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, MoStack has evolved his music from street narratives to exploring deeper personal and social themes. This growth has led to several chart-topping projects and high-profile collaborations with artists like Stormzy, J Hus, and Dave.

“Sleep On Me” is poised to become a summer anthem for 2024. The track begins with light, airy piano tones and shimmering synth sounds, setting a relaxed and uplifting mood. MoStack’s signature, fluid rap style effortlessly weaves through a complex percussive rhythm, reminiscent of his most memorable work.

The song offers a reflective yet lighthearted look at his life and surroundings, showcasing his ability to create a sun-soaked, carefree atmosphere through his music.

The single highlights MoStack’s unique talents, combining open and personal lyricism with dynamic songcraft that lingers in the listener’s mind. With “Sleep On Me”, MoStack reaffirms his presence in contemporary UK rap and underscores his influence within the genre. The track captures the essence of London’s warmer months, making it a strong contender for the song of the summer.

MoStack’s return with “Sleep On Me” signals not just a comeback, but a statement of his continued relevance and mastery in the rap scene. Known for his prolific output and consistent quality, MoStack proves once again why he is considered one of the UK’s most versatile rap talents.

Listen to “Sleep On Me” below!


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