Motown Priest Shares ‘Hawthorne’ Short Film Exploring Desire, Identity And Capitalism

Motown Priest, a renowned underground artist hailing from Detroit, has recently unveiled his directorial debut with the captivating short film, “Hawthorne.” Accompanying the release of his latest album of the same name, “Hawthorne” delves into themes of opportunism, vulnerability, and the human experience, capturing the essence of both the film and the album.

Motown Priest found inspiration in the legendary TV series The Sopranos, specifically the episode “Join The Club” (Season 6). The episode’s introspective nature and metaphysical warning resonated with the artist, leading him to create a unique piece of art that shares its underlying message.

The film unfolds like a Greek tragedy in reverse, with each element on-screen possessing a deeper meaning, from the innocent child to the ever-changing color palettes and the presence of various animals.

The cyclical nature of the film mirrors that of the album, emphasizing the protagonist’s need for self-improvement in order to escape the cycle of repeating mistakes and experiencing the same outcomes. This message is a poignant reminder that true change requires acknowledging our own shortcomings and taking the necessary steps to overcome them.

Fans of Motown Priest can now enjoy both the short film and the full-length album, which is available on major streaming platforms thanks to O’s Circle and Brick Records. Vinyl enthusiasts can also purchase the album in emerald green via

A true talent in the international underground scene, Motown Priest has been honing his craft since the age of 8 or 9. His music often portrays the harsh realities of inner-city violence and tumultuous love, enhanced by satire, social commentary, irony, and a focus on self-improvement.

Having toured extensively throughout Europe, Motown Priest has shared the stage with legendary acts such as Jay Electronica, Conway the Machine, Che Nóir, Rome Streetz, Fredwreck of Aftermath Records, Cormega, Big Twins, REKS, R.A. the Rugged Man, Mr. Cheeks, and Homeboy Sandman.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Motown Priest’s powerful storytelling in both his new short film “Hawthorne” and the accompanying album, a testament to his artistic prowess and unique perspective on the world around us.

Watch the “Hawthorne” short film below!


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