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As Valentines Day looms closer, so does the release of kinky ‘mummy-porn’ movie 50 Shades Of Grey and in its anticipation, a new clip has been released. There have already been a few steamy trailers of Mr. Grey and Ana Steele getting hot and heavy, now the detailed clips are making their rounds and in the latest, Christian Grey, played by Brit boy Jamie Dornan, introduces Miss. Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, to his playroom. I can assure you, there’s no X-Box, PlayStation of Game Boy in there – but maybe there’s Twister.


Admittedly, I’ve never read the popular 50 Shades series by E.L. James so I do feel a little guilty every time I make fun of the film footage and yes, I probably will go and see it for sure curiosity purposes but I find it hard to find anything Mr.Grey says seriously. I can’t help but feel he needs to get over himself a little bit and Ana Steele seems like nothing but a drip. Still, fans much be nuts over something and this latest clip will definitely get their imaginations going.


However, not everybody is as exited for the frisky flick, there has been a huge backlash from domestic violence support groups, claiming that the film promotes abusive relationship. What do you guys think? Is 50 Shades Of Grey harmless fun or should we be looking into the deeper messages behind this dom/sub relationship? Watch the clip here.


Source: The Today Show (via Collider)



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