Munkey Junkey – Look Out Below | New Music


Eclectic electronic artist/producer Munkey Junkey re introduces himself into music with the release of his sensational new single “Look Out Below”.


In what is, some ways a rebirth of the artist, it’s a bold way to introduce new listeners into his world. It’s dynamic production handled by Archbirds is surely as diverse as his far reaching musical tastes. “Look Out Below” is in different ways pop, funk and also rock, typified by the brazen guitars and dynamic percussion and Munkey’s melodically sharp vocals at centre stage.


Behind the production, “Look Out Below”, for Munkey, is about letting go. Lamenting on his struggles and trying not to be so frustrated by the world around him, his vivid song writing reflects the emotional roller-coaster and conflict that such heartfelt sentiments may sometimes entail.



Having had a well travelled and culturally enriched upbringing – Being of both Indian & English plus growing up in Abu Dhabi & Switzerland – has exposed Munkey Junkey to a wide range of musical soundscapes that has helped refine his artistry and is ever present in his music. He is playing by his own rules and with that, his trajectory is looking strong for 2019.



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