Mykki Blanco – High School Never Ends | Music Video



Mykki Blanco has been making powerful music for a while now, his debut album Michael was supposed to drop last year. However, there’s still no sign of an album but Blanco has dropped a moving video for his new song “High School Never Ends”.


The video was directed by Matt Lambert, it was shot in rural Germany showcasing a tale of ‘forbidden’ love and violence. Here’s Blanco’s statement:


“I have been living in Europe off and on since 2012 when my career began because audiences seem to accept and acknowledge my creative work there on a larger scale”. “I’m saying this because I’ve seen Europe change, I have seen the surface of acceptance and the novelty of my brown skin become a frown in a public square, a belligerent rant in grocery store with a cashier telling me to ‘Go Back to My Own Country’… This story is about outsiders, forbidden love… when the Far Left & the Far Right are willing to go to any extreme to prevail in their truth”.




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