Nadedja Begins New Year With New Single ‘Unfold’ | Music News


Brazilian-born British artist Nadedja has just released her new brand single “Unfold” in partnership with AWAL.


The singer started her career in 2019, taking her inspiration from the likes of Maggie Rogers, Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones, Tom Petty, Florence + the Machine, Céu and Rosalía. She has a particular universe that cannot be confused. Indeed, it is based on electropop and indietronica styles of music.


Through her music, Nadedja wants to deliver a specific message to her listeners, and accordingly, her music “invites the listener on an emotional journey; her songwriting builds intensity and tension with shimmering harmonies and melodic chord changes, showcasing her raw talent and artistry that captivates and mesmerizes audiences”.


Speaking about “Unfold”, Nadedja says, “It’s an energetic track that represents all the feelings,
relationships and emotions that relate to a life that is constantly transforming and evolving, an ephemeral life in motion. It is ultimately about self-growth and acceptance of all the different parts of one’s self, as well as holding on to the connections you make with others”


We are expecting good future news with several new music projects for 2021 from Nadedja and we cannot wait. We can say that Nadedja is beginning the year with such a thrilling track in “Unfold” that she can be proud of herself.


Listen to “Unfold” here:




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