Narrative For Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ Fails To Excite | Film News



Ridley Scott’s new directorial film The Martian is set against a familiar back drop that is strongly associated with his iconic visual style and cinematography. Matt Damon is cast as the typical hollywood protagonist who is left abandoned on Mars and must use his natural human instincts to try and survive in such a difficult atmosphere and environment.


However the narrative for this new film fails to excite science fiction fans as it seems too simplistic and boring as well as being nowhere comparable to the complex narrative that science fiction classics like Total Recall and Blade Runner have provided in the past. Even though The Martian has a big budget expenditure in order to help increase its box office potential, it seems that the director Ridley Scott and his production team have overlooked one vital feature which is needed to make this film an instant success.


The narrative is essential to help engage an audience but The Martian sounds too much like a complete and utter bore fest and will find it extremely difficult to keep an audience interested especially if the entire film is so dependent on one main character. The Martian is scheduled to be released soon in a cinema near you but whether it generates any lasting impact on the viewer is very unlikely as the plot to this new film is best described as bland with no flavour.



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