Nas Biopic: ‘Street Dreams’ | Music News


After the success of BETs New Edition series, it looks like another autobiography is underway and this time it is all about Nas. Nas, a multi-platinum selling hip-hop artist from New York, has managed to remain successful without altering his style or lyrical content. Impressive if you ask me; especially with the likes of Migos and Young Thug, currently dominating the new age hip-hop scene.


Nonetheless, it appears BET has learnt from Lifetime’s failed attempts at biopics and are about to create another hit series with, Street Dreams. Street Dreams will be set in the 90’s in New York and centred on music, family and the adversaries Nas has endured to remain successful in the rap game. The biopic will also explore Nas’s personal growth.


Nas will be executive producer working alongside the creator, Jonathan Levine. Although no date has been set yet for the release, if it is anything like the New Edition series then I am sure we will be in for a treat.



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