Nashville Artist Ryan Hagan Releases ‘Don’t Let Me Stop’ Music Video

Nashville pop singer Ryan Hagan is a voice that has exploded onto the scene and is swiftly turning heads. Within a year, his first two singles charted on the radio, and his third, “Don’t Let Me Stop,” was recently released to rave reviews.

“Don’t Let Me Stop” was co-written by Hagan and produced by Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum producer Bryan Todd, and it speaks to people who have been burnt in love and need to learn to trust again. According to Hagan, “It’s the most genuine song I’ve ever written“.

“You Deserve Better” and “Reset”, the last two collaborations from Hagan and Todd peaked on Music Week’s Commercial Pop, Upfront Club, and Black Music charts in the United Kingdom, and “Don’t Let Me Stop” is sure to follow in the same vein.

Hagan hasn’t always aspired to be a singer/songwriter. He has a strong athletic background and is a five-time national wrestling champion. During high school, he was also a strong football and track & field player.

He was a top recruit in his class with every intention of enrolling in a Division 1 college, but a series of serious, life-altering injuries threw that plan out the window. With a lifelong affinity for music, he decided to take it seriously, and the rest is history.

Watch the music video for “Don’t Let Me Stop” here:


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