Nashville Singer-Songwriter Carli Brill Is Back Again With ‘Concrete Jungle’

Described as “a nostalgic, yet modern take on falling in love“, “Concrete Jungle” is the second single of the year from Nashville singer-songwriter Carli Brill, and it marks the second time she is making an appearance on Conversations in as many months.

You will have heard her on “Hey Little Girl” last month, and on “Concrete Jungle”, she comes with a melodic journey of what it feels like to fall in love.

The unexpected rhythmic shifts on this new track imitate the excitement and progression a new love can bring, with Carli Brill adding those warm vintage tones and girl group vocals that make for an essential piece in creating this song. “Concrete Jungle” is yet another nod to her deep love for 60’s music.

Born and raised in Southern California, Carli Brill has a natural gift for musical storytelling and she is keen on sharing her distinctive worldview through her introspective lyrics that have been inspired by everything from childhood experience to current relationship woes. According to her, “I make music because I can’t imagine not making music”.

Bril began her music journey in 2016, when she released a Christmas album on BandCamp, and then in 2018, she won a nationwide contest judged by Jessie J that allowed her to record her music in LA’s Capitol Records. She then followed this up with her debut EP in 2019 under the artist name Sonora, and later that year, she made the move to Nashville to pursue her career full-time.

In 2022, she is starting to release new music under her own name, with production from Brendan St. Gelais, the second of which is “Concrete Jungle”. Listen to it below:


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