Naughty Boy Hints At ‘Very Soulful’ Zayn Malik Record | Music News


Naughty Boy is about to send One Directioner fans into a storm again as he hints about the band’s ex-member Zayn Malik’s solo career. In an interview with Capital FM, Naughty Boy said, “he’s making a very soulful record, I think he’s just going to make, he’s making a very soulful record. He’s writing, himself, on it as well. I think it’s worth the wait, I think the less I say about it the better, it’ll all make sense soon. Zayn’s his own man, no one can tell Zayn what to do, especially me“.


Although Naughty Boy keeps making hints about Malik’s career, it has been said that Zayn allegedly is banned from releasing any solo music for two years so it’s going to be a long wait. Naughty Boy did release a demo of Zayn Malik’s “I Wont Mind” but removed it due to a backlash from One Direction fans. Listen to the demo below.




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