Netflix Dropped The Trailer For Original Film ‘6 Balloons’ | Film Trailer


Netflix has promised around 700 Netflix Originals. What seemed nearly impossible at first becomes more realistic day by day. Every day a new trailer seems to be released. Now they have given us the trailer for their drama 6 Balloons.


The main characters are portrayed by Abbie Jacobson and Dave Franco. Both of them aren’t exactly known for their roles in films with a serious topic like drug addiction. But the trailer shows a glimpse of excellent acting of both of them.


The film follows Katie over a course of one night as she drives around Los Angeles searching a detox center for her heroin-addicted brother Seth. To make this situation even worse these two are accompanied by his two-year-old daughter. And to be honest, the trailer pulls the audience right in this distressing situation.



After making its debut at SXSW it will hit Netflix on April 6.



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