It seems like after the unsure state the live adaptation has been left following Warner Brothers dropped the title from release, it has found a new home with popular streaming service Netflix.


According to a report made by The Wrap, the film has steadily been in production since its initial announcement back in 2015.


However, after some consideration and announcement that they would make less films, they had allowed director Adam Wingard to pursue the film elsewhere. This was immediately met with a number of production houses showing their interest in making the film, which led to Netflix making an exclusive and dedicated offer to Wingard.


For many of those who are unfamiliar, Death Note is a popular Japanese/Manga anime that focused on the story of Light, a teenager who comes to possess a powerful and deadly notebook known as the Death Note.


It received mass attention for its unique, gripping story, and its character depth. So far there have already been two live-action films produced in Japan, while the American release will reinvent the story to fit a western setting. It is said to star Nat Wolff (of Paper Towns fame) and Margaret Qualley as among the leading characters.


This may actually be an iffy situation on both ends, in that Netflix hasn’t failed in releasing excellent adaptations so far, but then we must also ALWAYS remember Dragonball Evolution.


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