New Jersey Based Indie Artist Jonny Montano Releases ‘Way Back’

New Jersey based indie artist Jonny Montano has just released an energetic hip-hop track “Way Back”. The track is full of dynamic beats a s well as engaging rhythm that follows throughout the song.

Johnny Montano is an independent artist from New Jersey. Music has always been a part of his family’s life since he can remember. From Nas to Michael Jackson, Biggie to Led Zeppelin, and Jay-Z to Héctor Lavoe, there’s something for everyone.

Johnny grew up in a Spanish home with older siblings, who exposed him to a variety of genres at a young age. Johnny learned to play the drums and began producing right after college during his musical journey.

Around this time, he made the decision to pursue music full-time and has never looked back since.

His inspiration is to create music that reaches out to people in need. Some people listen to music so that they can feel heard and understood. Some people listen to music to unwind and jam out.

Johnny’s goal is to spread hope and knowledge through metaphors, storytelling, and real-life experiences such as his own or another person’s point of view, while some songs are just for fun.

Check out and enjoy the new release “Way Back” below!


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