New Jersey Musician Jakes Thistle Shares His New Track ‘The Dreamer’

Jake Thistle, a 19-year-old artist who has already shared the stage with legends such as Heartbreakers, John Hiatt, Earl Slick, and Jim Keltner, has recently released his latest single “The Dreamer“.

The song starts off with a beautiful, soft, and soothing melody that gradually reveals a catchy rhythm, showcasing the young artist’s diverse musical abilities.

Towards the end of last year, Thistle released “Ghosted Road,” along with a music video recorded live at Lakehouse Studios in New Jersey. The music video provides a glimpse into Thistle’s songwriting process and a particular stage in his career.

“Ghosted Road” was different from most of the songs Thistle writes and perform, as he originally envisioned it as a full-band tune. However, when they decided to record a stripped-back version following the original song’s release, Thistle found it fascinating to hear his new writing recorded in a way that more closely resembles his first album.

Born and raised in Paramus, New Jersey, Thistle started playing the guitar at the age of nine and began performing less than six months later. He played in bars from the age of 10 and has since shared the stage with various iconic musicians.

Aside from his love for music, Thistle is actively involved in several humanitarian organizations, having raised over $100,000 and contributed millions of dollars to causes such as the American Cancer Society, WhyHunger, and Tazzy Fund/Rock The Dogs.

With his increasing passion for music and philanthropic work, Thistle is an artist to keep an eye on in the coming years. “The Dreamer” is yet another fantastic addition to his growing discography, highlighting his diverse musical abilities and distinctive sound.

Listen to “The Dreamer” and experience the musical prowess of Jake Thistle for yourself.


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