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Any follower of Nightwish will be excited for their upcoming eighth studio album, set to be released in 2015. The Finnish metal band have gone through some turbulent years, with the firing of their first singer Tarja Turunen, and their next singer, Anette Olzon not quite meeting some of the fans’ expectations. Now though, their most recent front woman, Floor Jansen, who was announced as their official vocalist in 2013, has blew everybody out of the water.


Having demonstrated her stunning vocals and immense stage presence, having a physical album with Jansen as the lead singer will be a must-have for any Nightwish fan. Last night, the band released their third “making of” video, and while it does not feature any new music from the upcoming album, it does feature an interview with composer Tuomas Holopainen who explains the creative process behind his music. Without a doubt, this album will be an exceptional addition to Nightwish’s discography. Watch the documentary below.




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