New Orleans Based Musician Connor Caine Shares New Track ‘Ain’t Playin’

New Orleans-based musicians Connor Caine and Beau LeMaire have released a new track called “Ain’t Playin”. The song, which runs just over one and a half minutes, is a powerful blend of energy and soul, layered with electric piano, vocal samples, and analog effects.

The track offers a diverse range of rhythms, brought together by an electronic drum beat and a deep, driving bass line. Connor’s theatrical performances, which are matched with lyrical depth, add to the captivating atmosphere of the song.

The track celebrates the simple things in life, with Connor noting how a night at the art gallery or an evening in Silverlake can inspire unforgettable memories.

“Ain’t Playin” was created following an afternoon of rummaging through vinyl records in a New Orleans shop, with the pair searching for samples, working on the MPC, and taking breaks under the NOLA sun.

This is the first in a series of singles released by the duo, with past collaborations appearing in various formats on each other’s projects. The sequence of releases will conclude with the launch of Connor’s debut album, “Ever Winding Road”.

Connor Caine and Beau LeMaire have been collaborating on music for nearly a decade, their partnership fueled by a shared love for old school hip-hop, soul, art, vinyl records, cooking, fishing, and nature. Their unique blend of the vibrant flavors of New Orleans with Connor’s West Coast upbringing is reflected in their music.

Connor is known for his impressive vocal range, seamlessly transitioning from high falsettos and soulful runs to gritty bars and deeply lyrical moments. He is also a professional chef in Los Angeles, where he runs “Eats by Connor,” a food service known for its visual plating and presentation.

Beau, a devoted student of old school hip-hop production techniques, is making a name for himself in the New Orleans hip-hop scene. His work on the MPC and his soulful sample selection, combined with a unique blend of old school and modern sonics, has created a distinctive voice. A talented visual artist and fisherman, Beau is also known for his traditional Japanese-style fish prints.

2023 promises to be a breakthrough year for the duo, with the release of “Ain’t Playin” marking the first single from Connor’s debut album, Ever Winding Road. The album will prominently feature LeMaire’s signature production and vinyl scratching.

Beau, who recently released his third beat tape Beatz by Beau Volume III, is looking forward to releasing his first vinyl, curated by Nola Mix, a prominent New Orleans record store.

Listen to “Ain’t Playin” below!


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