New Photos Emerge Of Radiohead Together In Studio | Music News

Thom Yorke


After a summer of solo journeys, Radiohead delight their restless fans by posting some rare images of the band reunited in the studio. Since The King of the Limbs was released in 2011, a longing anticipation has been growing around the walls of the fan camp, as they continue to sweat the material of the back catalogue in an attempt to hurry along the band’s eagerly awaited ninth album.


However, it seems their prayers have been answered by composer Robert Ziegler, who tweeted pictures of Thom and the boys conversing intently. It also seems they are back bigger than ever, as additional pictures of a grand string orchestra were added. It wouldn’t be Radiohead without a certain mystery to it though would it? Soon after being uploaded, the pictures were deleted and became just an idyllic memory to those who doted on them. What could they be hiding?



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