New Trailer For ‘Gemini Man’ Shows Will Smith Fighting Will Smith | Film Trailer


A new trailer for the upcoming film Gemini Man has been released and it shows Hollywood actor Will Smith fighting against… himself!


Three months ago, Paramount Pictures unveiled the first trailer for Ang Lee’s next film Gemini Man and it already looked very intriguing, but not as much as it does, with the new trailer.


The film from the Oscar-winner director of Life of Pi stars Will Smith as a veteran hitman who faces a younger version of himself. The trailer shows how the older Will encounters with a clone who looks exactly like him but only younger, and audiences are really impressed with the results of the film’s digital effects.


Will Smith’s character Henry Brogan’s clone has been created through CG, but it is surprising how well he blends into the real environments and not only in the CGI ones. Young Brogan has been so perfectly created that it looks almost impossible to tell the difference between Will Smith’s clone and the real Will Smith!


CG’s creations apart, Gemini Man show a good action repertoire with some emotional moments and a lot of psychological elements as well. The first trailer started with a man asking the young Smith “why it is so hard for you to kill this man?”, while this new trailer shows the moment when they face each other, with the older Smith saying he feels like he had seen a ghost.


Intense scenes are revealed along the trailer, but it feels like there is so much more that we will only be able to enjoy when the film comes out on theaters on October 4.




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