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Elvis & Nixon


If I were given a million choices for an actor I could see playing Elvis Presley, Michael Shannon would not be one of them. But then again, could I see Elvis Presley, the King, as an undercover Federal Agent?


Yes, Hateship Loveship director Lisa Johnson has a new picture in the form of Elvis & Nixon in which Shannon’s Elvis approaches Kevin Spacey‘s Richard Milhous Nixon in December 1970 to become an undercover agent in the fight against Communism. Too ridiculously good to be true? It would be were there not White House accounts and a very famous photograph to document the event.


The new U.K. trailer for Elvis & Nixon showcases an impressive cast which counts Colin Hanks, Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Knoxville, Evan Peters and Sky Ferreira among its number. Spacey and Shannon will lock horns in Elvis & Nixon when it arrives in cinemas July 24, and you can catch a glimpse of them in action in the trailer below.




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