New Whitehorse Album To Be Released On August 4 | Music News


Panther In The Dollhouse is the new studio work from Whitehorse. The folk duo have already released two singles from the album “Nighthawks” and “Die Alone”, and both have been achieved a degree of success on YouTube and Soundcloud.


The tracks already available give us some indication about the album which is very eclectic and various. For example, “Pink Kimono” the fifth track on the album is very punk rock, and the last track “Manitoba Death Star” is typical folk song with a pinch of rock given by the electric guitar.


Whitehorse have recently been announced to perform as part of the upcoming Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame induction of Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, and others. Enjoy their latest singles below and look forward to August 4 to enjoy the full album.




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