New York Singer LOLO Releases ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Condemning Gender Imbalance

LOLO is the American singer, songwriter and actress Lauren Pritchard

As part of her new album Lauren, American singer and songwriter Lauren Pritchard, better known as LOLO, has released her new single “Yellow Brick Road”.

Her new album debuted on August 12 at #6 on the Alternative charts and it is just the last outstanding work of this amazing Grammy Nominated artist.

LOLO divides her life between the entertainment industry, where she works as both singer/songwriter and actress, and activism. In her latest album, she wanted to blend these parts of her world.

Her new album and “Yellow Bricks Road” both condemn the dangerous and endless imbalances women have to face in the music industry, business, and motherhood.

With this work, LOLO wants to challenge conventions related to genre, realizing 13 songs that were written over the past 10 years but were never allowed to be realized.

LOLO’s single “Yellow Bricks Road” is everything this artist is. It mixes the many sides of her soulful LOLO alternative pop persona and Lauren Pritchard, a Broadway performer and seasoned songwriter who has left the big labels behind for authenticity and artistic freedom.

Her new single is the result of pop, rock, edgy alternative, and blues influences blended with collaborations with some of the best songwriters like Eg White, Jacob Sinclair, Mike Viola, Derek Fuhrmann, Justin Parker, and Søren Hansen.

LOLO is not new to great collaborations, as she worked on Panic! At The Disco’s hit album Death Of A Bachelor. She also co-wrote “High Hopes” and “Say Amen”, as part of the band’s “Pray For The Wicked” album, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

“Yellow Bricks Road” is the product of LOLO’s many lives, experiences, and collaborations. But more than everything, it is a sign of freedom, a song of hope.

Watch LOLO’s new “Yellow Bricks Road” video on YouTube below:


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