Nicho – Don’t Ask Why | Music Video


Nicho, recording by himself in his bedroom in New Cross, London, has come forward with track, “Don’t Ask Why”. The lyrics were “improvised upon recording”. Apparently, he hopes to release an EP in the next year “along the same line” as “Don’t Ask Why”. This is said to be for fans of King Krule, Moby and Mac Demarco.


“Don’t Ask Why” patters in with hi-hat orientated drum, and waves of keyboard washing over the listener. Then there is sharp, mournful licks of bass guitar, weirdly relaxing. Distorted lines of electric guitar come in, almost heralded by the thump of bass drum. The aforementioned lyrics also wash over in a cumulative effect, with said bass seeing track out.


The self-made video was created by “cutting up anime movies, mostly because it’s what I’m into right now. I just think the art behind them is amazing”. Hands are held out open, suiting the earnest vibes of the track as if to bare your vulnerable heart to all. It is mostly based in space, the ponderous soundscape suiting the isolation of being all alone far from Earth.




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