Nicholas Hoult Stars As The Legendary Author In First Trailer For ‘Tolkien’ | Film Trailer


Fox Searchlight has dropped the first trailer for their Tolkien biopic.


Fans of The Lord of the Rings are already zeroing in on this new trailer. The film, which has been long in the making, will follow the young J.R.R Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) through his young life. Directed by Dome Karukoski, the film will explore growing up, falling in love, and Tolkien’s formative experiences fighting in the First World War.


We will see how Tolkien’s experience in the Great War inspired him to write his epic Lord of the Rings series. Because of the events of the war we see how Tolkien was moved to write a universal story. Good versus evil, noble battles and- as the trailer focuses on- “fellowship”.


The trailer also suggests that recognisable images and scenes from Tolkien’s stories will play a part in the film.  In the trailer we see images of battles and landscapes resembling scenes from Middle-Earth. These images appear among the French trenches, before he starts writing his legendary works.


The possible intertwining of Tolkien’s own story with The Lord of the Rings may come as exciting for fans of the saga, as they continue to wait for any news from Amazon’s adaptation of the trilogy which is reportedly in the works .


Tolkien will hit theatres on 10th May.


Watch the trailer below:




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