Nines + Jay Midge – Trapper Of The Year | Music Video

Nines 28.08.2016ANDREW


London rapper, Nines, comes with the video for recent track, “Trapper Of The Year”. Many, so far, have remarked upon the merits of the visual piece, and perhaps, having upon watched it, they are on to something.


“Trapper Of The Year” opens with percussion, light but creepy aided by rattling drum. Part of the hook sounds like it is delivered down a phone line. Very gritty. The delivery has a somewhat drawled execution, though the lyrics suggest anything but light hearted musings.


The introductory visuals are certainly trippy, a good trip in that they are fascinating to watch unfold. Generally speaking, the visuals are stunning, utilising the best special effects to grab your attention. It veers between a hot tub, clubs and car boots releasing white doves.




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