Noel Gallagher Has Surprisingly Kind Words For Brother Liam | Music News


In a revealing interview for BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Oasis co-founder, Noel Gallagher, reflected on his remarkable life. Most notably, he spoke about the difficult relationships with his father and brother. In the interview, the 48 year old guitarist was surprisingly indulgent towards his younger brother, Liam. Their infamously turbulent relationship seems to have subsided, in fact, Noel spoke of his brother almost fondly, “The way it worked was, when we were not slagging each other off, that’s when we were telling each other that we love each other”. However, the reminiscing turned sour when he mentioned his father. Noel admitted their non-existent relationship made him question his own ability to be a parent. “What kind of Dad am I going to be? I haven’t got anything to base this on apart from my old fella who was a bit rubbish”.



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