Nok From The Future + Dylan Brady – Good Friends | New Music



Nok From The Future is a music artist who is a mystery for all of us as we only see him partly when wearing a metallic mask, or nowadays full on with bandages all over his face, but we can definitely and clearly see his music aspiring and unique personality in all of his songs.


This time he has a brand new single in which his friend, Dylan Brady, is featuring in also and the track is entitled “Good Friends”. This single has an astounding happy and positive music energy as he is singing about having good friends in his life with whom he truly enjoys hanging around in good, but also in bad, times.


The rhythm flow of this track is like going to the candy shop and having a blast; he is rocking but also experimenting with electronic sounds providing a great music outcome throughout the song. So check out below his latest single and have fun with its positive music freshness!




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