North Carolina Artist And Producer Noel Aponte Unveils New Track ‘To Move On’

Noel Aponte, an artist known for his ability to seamlessly blend alternative and indie-pop, has recently released his latest single, “To Move On“. The self-produced track showcases his talent in sound design and production, featuring a pristine sound that is sure to capture the attention of global audiences.

Listeners will immediately be drawn in by the immersive and endearing qualities of “To Move On.” The song offers a very engaging listening experience, making it a perfect mood setter. With a perfect balance between different styles, Aponte’s music is truly unique and innovative.

“To Move On” transports the audience to a world of sound, highlighting Aponte’s ability to create ambiance. The song is an entry point into the imaginative and vibrant vision of an artist that stands out from the average player in the game. For fans of Mac Miller, Blackbear, Dead Rituals, and Lil Peep, “To Move On” is a must-listen.

Noel Aponte is not only a natural-born entertainer but also an artist who wants to create a community with his music. He aims to reach people of all walks of life with a sound that is always engaging, inspiring, and easy to relate to. “To Move On” is a perfect example of his vision.

“To Move On” is an excellent addition to Noel Aponte’s growing discography, showcasing his ability to create personal and direct music. It is a song that is both organic and immersive, leaving the listener wanting more. Don’t miss out on this rising artist and his latest release.

Learn more about Noel Aponte and stream “To Move On” today.


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