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A staple of the New York music scene, Kerry Blu is slowly beginning to establish himself in several countries. Indeed, since 2013, he has been organizing shows nationwide to rave reviews. His passion for all musical genres is reflected in his music, and it works.


He has had the opportunity to open shows for big names such as Tory Lanez, Kota the Friend and Michael Alvarado. His original approach to hip-hop makes him a one of a kind artist, and he is not going unnoticed. His last single “Think” has racked up over 50,000 streams.


Kerry shows his honesty in his words. Through them, he speaks of realisations of oneself, and of careful observation, while depicting the world he discovers.


Born in North Carolina, the rapper is also the founder of the Empire State Music & Arts Festival, a music festival featuring multigenre performances in New York City, which highlights the best indie talent in New York.


Last week Kerry surprised us with his first project as a writer and producer. Named “Same World” this is the second single from his upcoming EP The Game Is The Game.


Once again Kerry mixes styles, with the song being a rock-sounding rap track. In it we find a more intimate part of the artist – we see him authentically, claiming freedom and humanity.


The past year has not been easy, especially with the Black Live Matter protests and Covid-19, but Kerry Blu sends us a strong and touching message through his latest work. He is accompanied by singer Mecca Shabazz and the punk group Keep Score to denounce injustices and push for change, on an energetic instrumental punctuated by bass and drums.


In the end, “Same World” is a beautiful reminder that we can make an impact on the things we are engaged in. You can listen to it here:




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