Norwegian Alt-Pop Duo Remedies Return With ‘Putting On A Little Show’

The new single from Norwegian duo Remedies titled “Putting On A Little Show” will be the duo’s fourth single before their impending album. When improvising at the piano one afternoon, the fumbling piano line came together, and after hours of playing and tinkering, the melody evolved into a song.

Lady Gaga’s “Look What I Found,” as well as some vintage classic soul and White Stripes tunes, served as musical influence for the track, while the lyrics express the feelings of a woman who feels compelled to entertain others. With production and engineering form Sivert Henriksen, the song was recorded in Tromsø.

Remedies is a Northern Norwegian alternative pop/rock duo that formed in late 2016. Tor Erik Krane Ursin (instrumentals) and Sigrid Ravn Ryan (vocals) make up the band. They conceive, write, produce, and release their music independently, with elements from various genres blended together in an original and dynamic soundtrack.

In 2019, the pair released their first EP, Delusions. The EP was self-produced and recorded in part at home and in Kysten Studio in Tromsø. Several blogs have taken notice of Delusions, with Platespilleren, a Norwegian blog, comparing the duo to Bel Canto, Bertine Zertlitz and The Cardigans, describing the output as “clever and energetic“.

Spotify also added Delusions to their ‘New Music Friday Norway’ playlist. The pair is slated to release its first album in 2022, to follow up on their 2019 EP.

Listen to “Putting On A Little Show” here:


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