Norwegian Artist Ponette Releases ‘I Think The World Is Better Without Me In It’

Norwegian artist Ponette has followed up her latest single “Fake My Feelings” with the captivating title track from her upcoming EP, “I Think The World Is Better Without Me In It.”

Ponette’s unique style shines in the leading single, which features an upbeat melody contrasted with heartfelt lyrics. Speaking about the track, she shares, “It’s full of heavy emotions wrapped up in what I consider to be a dance track, or at least the closest I’ve come to making one (so far).”

On her new EP, Ponette blends her signature synth-driven electronic pop with dark, melancholic poetry. The project’s diverse songs showcase the breadth of her creativity and artistic talent.

Growing up in a small, quiet town in southern Norway, Ponette (real name Helene Svaland Johansen) learned early on the importance of blending in and not making a fuss. As the middle child in a family with siblings who were either very ill or physically disabled, she spent her youth trying to please everyone and not take up any extra space.

Ponette has been challenging that mindset ever since, even though it still shapes who she is and how her mind works. Music has provided her an outlet for self-expression, sometimes even saving her life. This ongoing internal struggle has undeniably influenced her music in every aspect.

In her early years, Ponette’s sound was heavily inspired by Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Today, her musical tastes have evolved to include artists such as Lorde, Robyn, Tove Lo, Florence + The Machine, Uffie, Veronica Maggio, and Flume.

Take a moment to listen to the compelling single “I Think The World Is Better Without Me In It” below:


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