Norwegian Producer Volléstad Shares International New Single ‘F**k It Up’

A product of the Norwegian music scene, Volléstad is emerging as a powerful force with his latest single, “F**k it up“, now receiving worldwide airplay.

The electrifying track sees the Norwegian talent collaborate with UK sensation Thir13een and American artists Beaux and Aaliyah, blending their diverse styles into an explosive sound production.

Drawing inspiration from the innovative rhythms of Scottish master Calvin Harris, Volléstad embarks on a musical journey similar to Harris’ genre-defying albums, “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 & 2”.

“F**k it up” exudes the infectious energy and funky vibes reminiscent of Harris’s signature sound, while bearing Volléstad’s distinct mark.

The synergy between Volléstad and his collaborators infuses the track with an international flair, transcending borders to deliver a sound that resonates universally.

Whether driving through the city streets or basking in the golden glow of the sun, “F**k it up” sets the scene for a vibrant experience, its infectious rhythm encouraging listeners to surrender to the moment.

Described as both chilled and “sexy,” this track testimonies Volléstad’s prowess as a producer, pushing the boundaries of electronic music with finesse and style.

From his early days tinkering with instruments to his immersion in the world of electronic music production, Volléstad was inspired by icons such as Eminem, Calvin Harris, and deadmau5.

Self-taught Norwegian producer, his eclectic sounds seamlessly blend pop, dance, and house into captivating tracks. With a debut album on the horizon and a history of collaborations with vocalists worldwide, Volléstad’s music continues to gain audiences, one beat at a time.

As the DJ continues to pave his own path, his journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring artists and music lovers alike. With “F**k it up”, he invites audiences to join him on a sonic adventure, where the only rule is to enjoy the moment.

Let the music take control and listen to “F**k It Up” below!


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